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Making a Reservation
Please note the easiest way to make a reservation or place an order is to use the appropriate online form on

Alternatively you may send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Eccelsa Aviation Agent will get back to you as soon as all arrangements for your request are in place.

Thank you for choosing Eccelsa Aviation

Crew Reservations

Eccelsa Aviation offers crew a range of selected services including:

Getting your aircraft clean and shining is now easier with Eccelsa Aviation’s External Aircraft Washing and Internal Cleaning service. Click here and send your reservation now.

Get your rent-a-car booked and delivered at Eccelsa Aviation’s terminal to skip annoying queues and taxi drives to the rent-a-car terminal. Book your car now.


Towels, linen, duvet covers and other aircraft equipment as well as crew uniforms and hand-wash items can be delivered back on-board cleaned and folded thanks to our express laundry service.

Eccelsa Aviation in partnership with Meridiana Maintenance S.p.A. - offers short - and long-term hangar recovery.

Eccelsa Aviation can help you find exactly the right hotel based on your individual requirements.

Organising your transfer to/from your hotel at preferential rates has never been more convenient. Reserve your transfer here.

Eccelsa Aviation in partnership with Cortesa Restaurant is fully committed to meet the culinary requirements of your passengers.

You can now order your favourite newspaper of the world here.

Enjoy the wonderful sea of Sardinia by spending a day in relax by travelling to small and big islands, swimming in crystal-clear waters to be reached by boat only, and tasting simple but delicious meals served on the on-board terrace. And while you get pampered by your personal crew, you will also learn the basics of sailing. Preferential rates offered to all Eccelsa Aviation customers. Click here to reserve.








Can I land in Olbia at any time?
Is Eccelsa Aviation open 24 hours?

Please note Eccelsa Aviation's official opening times are from 07:00 to 22:00 local time. However, should you need to operate a flight outside those hours, you can apply for an opening times extension at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





How can I make my stay in Sardegna
a truly memorable experience?

You have tasted many dishes of the local cuisine and been to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. What else can you enjoy to make your stay truly memorable?