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Eccelsa Aviation provides on-site Customs Clearance and Police Controls

Customs Clearance

ARE YOU CARRYING €10.000 OR MORE IN CASH? Please remember to declare them.

The declaration must be completed and lodged with customs at the control point right at Eccelsa Aviation's arrivals. Failing to complete the declaration or submitting a false one could result in the cash being detained or seized, and penalties levied. The declaration is completely free of charge. To download the form please click here.

Please be aware that there are separate control and declaration provisions for intra-Community cash movements in some Member States. The following European Commission website gives background information and contains links to sites of individual Member States:

Pets are allowed to travel across national boundaries only if they have more than three months of age, except where otherwise provided for by the competent Authority. All pets - no more than 5 are allowed per passenger - need to travel with a valid health certificate issued by the competent Health Authority of the country of origin.

Customs duty exemption is granted for brand new products and consumer goods carried by travellers in their personal luggage provided that their value does not exceed €430 (€150 for travellers under 15 years of age).

Following limitations exist for travellers:

TOBACCO Cigarettes 200 pieces, Cigarillos [max 3 gr each] 100 pieces, Cigars 50 pieces, Smoking Tobacco 250gr

ALCOHOL Alcohol and alcoholic beverages of an actual strenght by volume exceeding 22% or undenaturated ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strenght by volume equivalent to or exceeding 80% 1 LITRE; alcohol and alcoholic beverages having a strenght by volume not exceeding 22% 2 LITRES; still wine 4 LITRES; Beer 16 LITRES - travellers under 17 are excluded from aforementioned exemptions.


No restriction is applied as to value and quantity with regards to exports of products carried by travellers leaving for a non-EU country with the exception of endangered animal species, cultural goods, and protected goods such as sand or rocks for instance.


For further information on travelling requirements please read the appropriate Customs' Travellers Card in English, Italian or French








Can I land in Olbia at any time?
Is Eccelsa Aviation open 24 hours?

Please note Eccelsa Aviation's official opening times are from 07:00 to 22:00 local time. However, should you need to operate a flight outside those hours, you can apply for an opening times extension at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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