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At Eccelsa Aviation...
...we know that what makes the difference in service delivery are usually small details.

...we keep a tremendous amount of flexibility to tailor services on individual customer's requests whenever possible.

...we believe that we'll improve by constantly finding new ways to increase the value of our services to our customers.


All of Eccelsa Aviation partners share a strong commitment to supplying high-value products and service solutions.

Eccelsa is part of the AirItaly Group. AirItaly is able to provide maintenance support to all Eccelsa Aviation customers.


 Over the years, a strong relationship has developed between the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and Eccelsa Aviation.


 Audi’s “progress through technical innovation” has resulted in some of the most performing and reliable cars ever introduced to the market. Passengers and crew at Eccelsa Aviation are escorted to their aircraft by riding in the latest versions of Audi cars.


A determining feature of Eni has always been a marked ability to integrate with local cultures, and adapt to widely different environments and situations. It is a capacity that is reflected in an unwavering respect for the places where and the people with whom Eni works.


ExxonMobil’s reputation in aviation began with the early days of flight and continues with the space shuttle today. ExxonMobil Aviation, the world’s leading supplier of jet fuel, provides consistently high quality products and services around the globe. ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants offer nose-to-tail lubrication solutions that help making flying easier.


Save Time & See Sardegna as you have never seen it before: bird-flying over its white beaches, green hills, and rocky mountains to your favourite destinations of Costa Smeralda and beyond




Vorsprung Durch Technik


Eccelsa Aviation takes care of its customers in every aspect of their transit in Olbia. Every year more than 5000 people are escorted by car from their aircraft to the Eccelsa Aviation Executive Terminal and back. Recently Eccelsa Aviation renewed its entire fleet of cars by looking for the most comfortable and technically advanced solution available.



Did you know?


Eccelsa Aviation’s attention to its customers is attested by some prestigious awards and recognitions received over the years...