Aircraft Disinsection

Aircraft Disinsection

Aircraft Disinsection

Please be reminded that according to ICAO Annex 9 and to provisions of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) Circular EAL 10 dated 21.09.2012 all aircraft arriving to Italian Airports are required to have a copy of the Certificate of Residual Disinsection onboard - regardless of the origin of the flight.
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Self Desinsection
In case you are carrying out the disinsection with WHO's approved sprays, please make sure you always keep on board Appendix 4 of ICAO Annex 9. Please also make sure all parts of it are filled out in clearly legible BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

Aircraft Desinsection in Olbia
Eccelsa Aviation can help you obtain the Certificate of Residual Disinsection by the Airport Authority of the Ministry of Health. Please reserve your disinsection at

Details & Requirements
The disinsection of a medium-sized aircraft takes approximately 30 minutes. The procedure starts when the crew has cleaned and cleared the cabin, and cleared the luggage compartment of their personal belongings.

The crew is advised not to stay on board during the disinsection but their presence nearby is appreciated. The crew Lounge at the FBO can be used at any such time.
Please note for a lasting effect of the disinsection your aircraft is required to stay closed for ideally 24 hours.
On the day of departure your aircraft cabin will need to be aired for approximately 1 hour before boarding any passenger. To that end it is enough to open the main door, the luggage compartment door and turn the air conditioning on.

Please note that the spray used for the disinsection has no odour, no colour, and leaves no marks or traces on any aircraft part.

Please allow 12-24 hours after the physical disinsection to process your request and obtain a Certificate by the Ministry of Health.

References and Useful Links
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